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Dubai Municipality

Products Conformity Assessment Section- Dubai Central Laboratory Department
Products Conformity Assessment Section Manager

Arif Husain Al Marzooqi

Dubai Municipality - United Arab Emirates

A brief message indicating the most important achievements of the company during the year 2020, which qualified it to be awarded with the OSTAR AWARD.

Products Conformity Assessment section in DM (DCLD- PCAS) has proudly adopted and implemented many success stories during the worldwide pandemic and the year 2020 which can be summarized in below :-

  • Prepare a detailed Guidelines for Extraordinary Circumstances Affecting the Certification & Inspection Services provided to clients thru benchmarking with best practices worldwide that include full risk analysis which ensure continuity of the section’s activities within specified criteria and code of conduct
  • Prepare a detailed guidelines for remote auditing in order to deal with the critical situations that have been resulted from the pandemic and to ensure continuity of services , in addition to carrying our products sampling and inspection virtually using the IT tools.
  • In order to ensure the agility of the services, DCLD-PCAS has also arrange to outsource the auditing part of the certification service to different CABs (Total of 14 approved international CABs) within the geographical location of its clients (distributed in over 41 Countries worldwide) in addition to the approved pool of assessors based on signed contracts.
  • Establishing a rigid criteria for evaluation the external auditors and outsourced CABs to ensure utilization of highly qualified and competent resources and to maintain accreditation standard’s requirements
  • DCLD-PCAS has been successfully audited by EIAC (Emirates International Accreditation Centre) during 2020 and has maintained its accreditation to three local and international standards ( ISO 17065, ISO 17020, UAE. S 2055)
  • DCLD-PCAS has been recognized as a notified certification body by ESMA (Emirates Authority For Standardization & Metrology) during 2020 to carry our products certification to various types of products and materials on its behalf.
  • DCLD-PCAS has signed a contract with HASANA ‘’the legal representative in KSA for SABER Scheme ‘’ where DCLD-PCAS has been recognized as the representative CAB in middle east and north Africa to certify many types of products that will be exported to KSA from this region.
  • DCLD-PCAS has won recently the Climate Control Awards -2019 for Building Performance Services (Testing and Certification) – Low emitting material Dubai green building evaluation system and the Global Good Governance -2020 for Best Public Sector Initiative.

DCLD-PCAS has revised more than (150) documents and forms during 2020 to align its work and procedure with the pandemic and its direct affects and to facilitate the services provided to its clients

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Hon. Lujaina Mohsin Darwish


A brief message indicating the most important achievements of Hon. Lujaina Mohsin Darwish during the year 2020, which qualified her to be awarded with the OSTAR AWARD.

In order to realize our goals for the organization’s next phase of growth, it is essential that, in addition to growing the existing business verticals, a major emphasis has to be placed on diversification and expansion.

Last year was critical, However, entrepreneurs are optimists. Every crisis brings changes in a business scenario, but as soon as it disappears, business activities are back to normal.

The complex nature of the various businesses that makes up the MHD structure prompted us to create these clusters, so as to bring greater focus on improving existing business verticals, as well as to place emphasis on strategic diversification and expansion.

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