We are endorsing you to be critically focused on your filed application, and we want you to pay attention to all aspects of your business performance; all you have to do now is tickle down all the steps needed to raise among other competitors.

The OSTAR Business Excellence Award Framework

The OStar Business Excellence Award Framework is a leadership and performance management framework made up of three parts:

  • The Criteria for Performance of Business Excellence (covering critical aspects of achieving excellence throughout your organization),
  • The core values and concepts (beliefs and behaviors found in high-performing organizations).
  • Guidelines for responding to the Criteria and evaluating and scoring processes and results.

Our Approach

The Assessment Processes

With the help of this chart, simply follow the necessary steps to the complete the evaluation process.


1 - 2 Days

Review applicant’s information

1 Day

Assign application to Subject Matter Export from our team

4 - 8 Days

Assess the application based on total quality management concepts

3 - 4 Days

Study competitive indicators and report the ranking.

5 - 7 Days
  • Achievements
  • Strengths 
  • Quality Management Level
  • Competitiveness Results
  • Proposed Improvements

Overview - Different Stages

The following stages are involved in the workflow process.

Facts & Findings: It includes the required conclusion of relevant company orders, objectives and processes will be finished before the answer is completed.

Collect Info & Assign Tasks: An evaluator would share the comments and check the answer. he is the supervisor of the agreement. The first eminence of the response set will be “Assessment of Advance”.

Approving The Answer Set: OStar Assessment tool can be used to complete the answer set. OStar does not provide any other means of communication such as Email or word documents. Once you submit the answers and the status will switch to review it cannot be retrieved it back. so, make sure you complete before completing the file.

Quality Assurance: Every response set will bring an advisor for the interaction. This advisor will be kept liable for the full uprightness of the answer set and the consistency of the tests. The reviewer must submit the answer provided by clicking on the “submit” button after the content check process has been completed. Only reviewed files would be archive.

Assessed the approved answers set: The respondent must submit the answer set to the central database and it must be done before making the benchmark request. Once that is done, the status will switch to ‘Finalized’.

Demand A Target: Benchmarking request must be completed for output which involves a contrast between two entities. This could be done using the OStar appraisal method, simply by using the report tab.

Revising the Output: The output will become eligible for review when we receive the order for documentation before drawing any conclusions, the manager must evaluate the suitability of the standard policy as it is very crucial.

OStar Business Excellence Model

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