Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ’s

Frequently Answered Questions

  • Entering this award will be a challenging race for your business to compete against other businesses within the same industry.
  • This award will allow you to raise your profile & Impress potential investors.
  • Opportunity to Gain prestige and recognition from peers.
  • This award will provide you with media exposure for your business.

The awards program is open to all industry leaders, business owners, in-house marketing, agencies, company/organization and individuals across the globe.
The OSTAR Award is open for all irrespective of the company sizes, locations, or activities.

  • Entries will be valid to be assessed for only one-year, next year you must enter with new entries.
  • Your Entries must be based on business data produced within the last two calendar years prior to the final deadline.
  • To be eligible for judging, all submissions must be unaltered from their published or implemented state.
  • All Entries must be written in English.
  • You must enter the correct category, or your application will be rejected.

You have two options:

 you can just select the category, and then complete the online application form. You will get a screen notification and email to confirm that we have received your entry or you can download the application in PDF format and apply it manually then upload it to the website.


Your entry form must be submitted via our online portal by November 1st, 2021. After you enter, you will be emailed your login information so that you can access the online form and begin working on your entry form.

You can apply in seven categories:

  1. Organizational Award
  2. Start-Up Award
  3. Information Technology Award
  4. Project Award
  5. Dealing with COVID-19 Award
  6. Innovation Award
  7. Best Business Man/ Woman

Yes, it’s possible to re-apply this year if you’ve already applied previously.

We accept self-nominated and third-party entries for both organizations and individuals.

  • You need to read our privacy policy and Terms & conditions before you apply.
  • You need to understand our assessments criteria & to make sure you company strategy and operation aligns with the core model of the award.
  • Be specific and clear in applying all the entries.
  • You must ensure both transparency & validity of your data.

Yes, if you Contact us through email we will be glad to answer all your questions and assist you with the application process.

No, feedback is not given on submissions.

After the judges have assessed all the applications, feedback reports will be provided as a paid service based on your request.

All the supporting documents must be provided in PDF or PowerPoint or Excel or Word or Photo format only.

Yes – Yes, all award submissions are kept strictly confidential. They will only be seen by the OStar Award team and judging panel.

Yes, you may make changes to your entry until the final deadline, before the judging period begins.

You will receive an email to notify you if such problem occurs, but If your submission was incomplete at the closing of the competition, your application will not be eligible.

 We will be not responsible for any incomplete Entries & we will not offer refund if a relevant problem occur.

OSTAR Award team will look into the following:

    • Review all submissions against the set criteria (if you’ve missed anything important, we will contact you to clarify)
    • Send all submissions to the judging panel for scoring
    • Finalize the scores
    • Let you know if you’ve been shortlisted
    • Announce the shortlists on the BCI website and social media channels
    • Announce the winners at the regional awards ceremonies

Yes, you can cancel your application any time before the judging process starts.

It can be summited anytime and then after evaluation the team would ask for more document if required. You can check in your entry status anytime on the portal.

The sponsors of OSTAR AWARD Organization, UK leading marketers and B2B publishers.

Judges are selected from a pool of experienced Business Excellence panel members. Each one is asked to declare any interests they have such as former colleagues or employers so that the judging process is carried out fairly.

If you want to get engaged in the selections committee of the OStar Award, then visit us on or
Participating here is just a click away!

OStar Award Use The Following Evaluation Criterion To Assess according to each category:

  • Market research: 20% from the total assessment.
  • Competitiveness results: 30% from the total assessment.
  • TQM Assessment: 50% from the total assessment.

Judging is based on the Awards Criteria answers and supporting documentation included in the Criteria Kit. (You can download it from the Awards’ Page, or from the Entry form)

We will be assessing all the applicants of each category based on their:

  • National achievements
  • International achievements
  • Impact
  • Efficiency level
  • Competitiveness Advantage
  • Quality Control Level
  • Quality Assurance Level
  • Total Quality Management Level

Each category will be assessed based on the criteria (see Judging Criteria). The one who nail the highest score for each main category will be selected as the Category Winner.

There will be a panel of judges who will determine a rating on a scale of 100 points. For example in organization category Winners with a score between 60 and 69 points are gold winners. Winners with a score between 70 and 80 points are diamond Winners. Winners with a score between 81-99 are elite winners. Winners with the full score of 100 are super.

An average score of any category under 60 will not receive an award.

All the applicants get an average score in the assessment phase. If all the criteria have been met then it will be categorized in the following, such as:

  • Gold Award Winners
  • Diamond Award Winners
  • Elite Award Winners
  • Super Award (Black Edition) Winners

After winners are announced on December 1, we will share details on our social media platforms and via email.

Do finalists get certificates?

Yes, certificates will be given to all participants.

Yes, Feedback & evaluation reports are given for all entrants. You can contact us by email and we will provide you with the requirements and amount due for receiving the reports.

On March 15th in Edinburgh, United Kingdom.

The awardee will receive an international recognition for their accomplishments. Awardees will also receive an official certificate for their achievements and a personalized trophy. 

As a means to celebrate the awardees’ accomplishments and provide opportunities to exchange expertise with other winners and leaders, Ostar will:

  • The full-text of Diamond Award-winning entries will be published on The OStar International Business Awards web site approximately one month after the awards banquet.
  • Diamond OStar Award winners will be given the opportunity to redact any confidential or non-public information from their entries before publication.  If you should have one or more Gold OStar Award-winning entries in the OStar International Business Awards 2020, you agree to respond promptly to our request for edits or redactions to those entries before publication.


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