Application Process

The application form saves your progress, so don’t worry about completing it in one sitting!

What’s on an application to OSTAR international? Below, we’ve laid out all of the questions on the application so that you know what to expect when you go to fill it out online. The application form saves your progress, so don’t worry about completing it in one sitting!



Application Form

Fill out your application under the chosen category, and upload all the required supporting document. click here to apply.


Initial Assessment Fees

Once you have submitted your application, a non refundable payment of 250 GBP will be charged for the application fees, due prior to the commencement date. On receipt of the above mentioned amount your application will be processed  accordingly.


Initial Assessment Feedback

Within 10 working days OSTAR assessment team will review your application to confirm that your application meets the OSTAR international criteria. If so, you will then be eligible to request the OSTAR recognition package (Learn more).


OSTAR Recognition Package

Based on the initial assessment feedback, you have the right to request your  OSTAR recognition package, which contains the following items: 

  • OSTAR’s recognition certificate.
  • OSTAR’s personalised trophy.
  • OSTAR’s full assessment report.
  • OSTAR’s gift.

Note that OSTAR recognition package comes with a cost as per the following OSTAR’s levels:

  • OSTAR’s Silver level GBP 1750.
  • OSTAR’s Golden level GBP 2000.
  • OSTAR’s Diamond level GBP 2250.
  • OSTAR’s Elite level GBP 2500.
  • OSTAR’s Supreme level (Black Edition) GBP 5000.



OSTAR international award frequently conduct a fair competition between the recognised participants. Therefore, you will be required to provide official consent to take part in the competition.

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