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Terms & Conditions

The following are the terms and conditions of entry to The OStar Business Excellence Awards.
By submitting entries to the award competition, you assent that you have read and agree to abide by these terms and conditions.

Assessment Fees
We have to review the documentation submitted as a part of the assessment process for the OStar Business Excellence Award. And we charge fees for the overall assessment of the documents such as the general report and feedback report, deliverables, assessment results and other related documented reports. The fees would be specified in the letter format and sent via Email or other mode of communication channels as per the convivence of the management.

For All profit and non-profit organizations and their public relation agencies from all over the world are eligible to submit entries.

All entries must be submitted in English language only. We cannot accept entries in any other languages.

Acceptance of OStar Business Excellence Award Correspondence
Every entrant has a designated point of contact: a person with whom we communicate about the disposition of entries submitted.  We will send regular email correspondence to your organization’s point of contact, especially after OStar Award winners are announced in December. Your organization’s point of contact agrees to:

  • Whitelist the email address [email protected], from which most of our email correspondence will come
  • Read all email correspondence from us promptly and respond as requested or required.

Maintenance of Your Entry Account Information
Your organization’s entry-submission account on The International Business Awards website, through which your entries are submitted, will contain the contact information for your point of contact, including that person’s name, postal mailing address, email address, and telephone number.  Your organization’s point of contact agrees to maintain the information in this entry-submission account and update it if and when necessary.  The entry-submission account may be logged into at any time at www.OStar.uk / www.ostaraward.com

Final Decision
In the event of a dispute as to the category in which an entry(s) will be judged, the decision of the OStar Awards staff will prevail.  Judges may recommend that an entry be switched to a different category, and at their discretion OStar Awards staff may change an entry’s category.

Disposition of Submitted Materials
Any offline materials submitted as part of your entries will not be returned.

Payment of Shipping Fees
OStar Award winners who are not represented at the 15 December awards banquet in UK, to accept their award(s) will be assessed a shipping fee for their award(s).  Only sponsors and honorary nominees will not have to pay shipping fees.  Shipping fees payable will be as follows:

      OStar Award Winners in UK

  • Trophies will be shipped by FedEx International Economy, DHL Express, or UPS and fees include all customs fees and taxes
  • U.S. $50 per Diamond OStar Award trophy

     OStar Award Winners in All Other Nations

  • Trophies will be shipped by FedEx International Economy, DHL Express, or UPS and fees include all customs fees and taxes

If you are liable to pay shipping fees, they will be automatically charged to the credit card to which assessment fees were charged, approximately 10 days after the awards banquet, unless you first provide us with an alternate means of payment.  Your organization’s point of contact with us will receive an email in advance of the charge, noting the date that the charge will be made.  If assessment fees were not charged to a credit card, you will be invoiced for your shipping fees and payment is due upon receipt of your invoice.  That invoice will be emailed to your point of contact.

Non-payment of shipping fees is not an option: if you submit entries to the OStar Award, you agree to pay the fees due if any awards you win are not accepted at the awards event at which they are presented.   You may not opt out of paying them by asking to not receive your awards.

See the section above headed Maintenance of Your Entry Account Information.  We reserve the right to charge you shipping fees twice if your award shipment is returned to us because the shipping address in your entry-submission account is wrong, or you otherwise did not provide us with an alternate shipping address, and your awards are returned as undeliverable to us or to one of our award manufacturers.

Publication of OStar-winning Entries and the Assessment
The full-text of Diamond Award-winning entries will be published on The OStar International Business Awards web site approximately one month after the awards banquet.

Diamond OStar Award winners will be given the opportunity to redact any confidential or non-public information from their entries before publication.  If you should have one or more Gold OStar Award-winning entries in the OStar International Business Awards 2020, you agree to respond promptly to our request for edits or redactions to those entries before publication.

Failure to comply with these Terms & Conditions will render your entries ineligible.  Assessment fees will not be refunded.

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