Terms & Conditions


  1. We are at OStar International Awards your continuous improvement partner in your excellence journey.
  2. Registration implies acceptance of these rules, and of the OStar awards terms.
  3. Entries must be submitted on behalf of the employer organization.
  4. Entry is open to organizations of any size in any sector and in any country.
  5. The project entered can have been delivered at any location.
  6. The entered program could have been implemented, improved or completed within 2015-2020. The program can have ended in this time period, or it can still be ongoing. It can be not yet implemented, but the focus will need to be such that it can satisfy the assessment criteria (such as being able to demonstrate impact).
  7. Even if the program was presented in some form in a previous OStar award it can still be submitted again for the 2020 OStar awards.
  8. All facts and assertions within the submission are assumed to be accurate and honest. However, if the awards organizers suspect that the content is either incorrect or deliberately misleading the submission may be disqualified, and all fess would still apply. This is at the sole discretion of the organizer, and no correspondence will be entered into by way of explanation.
  9. The organizers reserve the right to contact the entrant or their senior representative (3 above) to validate any statements made within the submission.


  1. Payment for submission is required in full for an entry to be considered for nomination. Where this requirement for payment in advance is waived by the OStar awards, payment is still required in full for a nominated entry to be confirmed on a OStar awards shortlist.
  2. We do not intend to overrun deadlines, nor to consider entries received after the final deadline has passed.
  3. All entries and ratings are to be submitted online. We will take all reasonable care in handling these, but accept no responsibility for loss or damage, however caused.
  4. The award category to which an entry is assigned is ultimately at the discretion of the OStar awards organizers, and may differ from that selected at the outset, in response to the submissions received and finalists that emerge. With this in mind, it is acceptable to submit more than one entry for the same award category. It will then be at the discretion of the OStar awards to place these in different categories, or to feature them in the same category.
  5. A good quality high resolution picture of the Key Practitioner and printable-quality graphic of the entrant’s company logo may be required. Any image submitted may be cropped and used by the OStar awards organizers for publicity purposes.



  1. Entries must not be promotional in any way, and not have an intention of engaging new clients for a product or service, paid-for or otherwise. This is especially important for vendors and suppliers to consider when submitting entries.
  2. You must own the copyright or have the necessary rights for any content that you include in your entry.
  3. The content and graphics in your entry should be appropriate for a business audience. For instance, do not feature sexually explicit content, abuse, violence, hatred, racism, sexism and so on. Any such content in visuals will need to be removed ahead of time at the request of the organizers.
  1. The Awards
    There are OStar awards for Organizational,  Start-up,  Dealing with COVID-19,  Information TechnologyProjectInnovation,  People – Executives & Professionals.
    Each award has its own dedicated page at this website and you can click an award to read about the categories, deadlines, fees and entries from past years. 
  2. Entering
    When you sign-up we create your own personalized dashboard where you draft then submit an entry (or entries). Your entry should demonstrate impact in a target community and feature something innovative or creative about what has been done or how it has been done. Your entry can have as much or as little text as you like, attachment documents.
  3. Being Nominated
    We like to nominate any entry that we believe has a chance of winning. Being nominated means that your entry will go forward for assessing by fellow professionals, that it will feature in one or more shortlists for a OStar award (subject to confirmation by the judges) and may therefore win one or more OStar awards, and that it will be included in the OStar awards Book. 
  4. OStar International Awards Assessment Process
    Afeature of the OStar awards is that nominated entries are assessed by fellow finalists. As a finalist you are invited to review online a selection of other entries for the same award, which involves possibly asking questions, rating each entry for impact and innovation and providing feedback if you wish. You then vote for the entry (other than your own) that you would like to see win.
  5. The Winners
    Winners are announced at the OStar International Awards ceremony where they are presented with custom-engraved trophy and valuable feedback report highlighting most strength points and proposed areas for improvement. Winners and finalists will be mailed their trophies and assessment feedback report. 
  6. The Book
    We will next year include every 2020 OStar awards finalist (plus a selection from past years) in the Book we plan to print and make available at our website. This represents an exciting acknowledgement on a respected global platform that you can link to and keep, enabling us to celebrate your success alongside other innovative initiatives from many respected companies.