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1. The importance of Business Excellence

For many entities, enterprises, information technology and individuals are representing their most valuable business assets through business excellence. Successful entities recognize the benefits of business excellence and use it to drive their stakeholders’ value. These entities also understand and manage the associated risks, such as competitiveness, increasing regulatory compliance and critical dependence of many business processes on business excellence.

2. Ostar as an excellence framework

We at OStar International Award recognizes business excellence from several angles like control objectives for organizational/ enterprise/ individual and related technology, OStar framework provides outstanding practices across a domain and process framework, also presents activities in a manageable and logical structure, in addition to provide the competitiveness advantage of the applicants goods/ services/ practices. We are at OStar International Awards your continuous improvement partner in your excellence journey. OStar practices represent the consensus of experts, as they are strongly focused more on comparisons, less on execution. These practices will help enhance customer satisfaction, optimize investments, ensure service delivery and provide a measure against which to judge when things do go wrong.

3. Ostar Assessment using Total Quality

For organization to be successful in delivering against business requirements, management should put a strategic continuous improvement directives framework in place. The business orientation of OStar consists of linking business directives to business goals, providing metrics and comparison models to measure their achievements, and identifying their ranking. In summary, to provide the excellent product/ service that the entities need to achieve its objectives, TQM need to be managed by a set of naturally grouped processes and directed towards achieving business objectives.

4. Ostar Assessment as methodology tool

OStar international award experts and jury members have developed the evaluation criteria based on total quality management concept, international best practices and leading continuous improvement models, the evaluation criteria cover: (Strategy, Resources, Operating Model, Perception Measures, Performance Measures)
To assess the types of questions described in OStar assessment tool, OStar Advisory team has developed with a team of specialists a total quality management assessment methodology to assess the organizations capability in respect to itself and other peer groups.
Information gathered during the assessment and market research can give valuable insight to determine the current status of the organizations business excellence, benchmark it against other organizations and determine points of improvement.

HOW: The Jury will consist of leading companies representatives, business leaders with practical experience of quality management systems, and the international expert advisor. It acts on behalf of the Emblem International Business Quality Award to oversee the operation of the Award process.

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OStar award is one of the international prestigious awards, built on the concept of total quality management assist the organizations in achieving organizational strategies, adopting best practices, providing quality services products and meeting customers needs & expectations.

OStar award considering all those factors in evaluating and selecting the winners across the glob.

OStar award is offering the best opportunity to organizations to tell their success stories. We are focused on building on our reputation for having the fairest process for deciding awards winners.

Judging Process

Explain the nominated achievements, brief about the achievement, who is being recognized for this nomination, where this company-organization is based, City, State/Province, and Country.

Note: Submitted content must be in English only with 200 words maximum for each question.

Each of our Awards categories are assessed by a professional panel of independent and impartial business professionals, who are passionate about their role, meet our stringent criteria and provide a valuable feedback report.

During the finals, many finalists’ presentations will be taking place and scored by the judges in what will be a large gathering of best practice in one place.

Every applicant whether an individual, SME, or large organization has the same chance of impressing the judges and taking home the trophy on the day.

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