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OStar Business Excellence Awards, Eyeing for the next milestone!

With the OStar Business Excellence Awards platform, we look to showcase industry leaders from the varied industries, markets and sectors from across the globe. Entering the OStar Business Excellence Awards is the perfect way to showcase your strength and success within your niche. It enables businesses, corporates house, SME’s, entrepreneurs and Startups to tell and get recognition for their success stories. The Awards are a complete end-to-end experience: from the moment you register your entry to the end of the Awards ceremony, you will find the day engaging and fruitful experience.


Going Live Awards

Due to Covid19, we’re conducting the OSTAR Business Excellence Awards, LIVE Online!. It was a tough decision as we understand public health care, and this bring us to dig deeper into the safety of our employees and customers health too. Therefore, Live Online is the solutions we came up for all of us to be Alive and Thrive! & we are confident in delivering the exceptional services and making a one-of-a kind online award event experience that comes with ease. all presentation and judging will take place online which would make the whole journey an unforgettable Award Ceremony experiences

Why Choose

International Business Experience

OStar Awards is part of a global business movement, allowing you showcase your success stories and thereby giving you the chance to compete with companies on the global platform.
We will be delighted to cover your success stories with us.
Over the last few years, we’ve been leading the way in recognizing inspirational business practices, awarding over 100 + startups and catering to more than 200 companies.
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Judging Process

Entry Title (The nomination and the achievement can be same)

The categories can be as follows:

  1. Organizational
  2. Start-up
  3. Dealing with COVID – 19
  4. Information Technology
  5. Project.
  6. Innovation.
  7. Executives & Professionals.

Describe the selected accomplishments, briefly about the attainment, data of the entity that is being documented for the particular nominee, where this corporation or firm is located [Nation and City, State/Province, etc.].

Note: The content submitted should be in English, with a limit of 1000 words for each question answered.

A professional jury of unbiased and neutral business experts, enthusiastic about their position, follow our stringent standards to review each of the award categories and deliver a valued response report.

Presentations of finalists will take place during the finals and will be judged by the evaluation team in a large gathering.

Every applicant, no matter if an individual or an immense association, will be provided with an equal chance of taking the lead and receiving the assessment team’s feedback. Anyone can take the trophy home based on the judgment of the jury.

Note: Even during this Pandemic, we are operating as usual in order to assist our clients in winning the awards. Since the event dates are varying quite often, our team is trying to maintain the calendar as accurate as possible. Still, we advise our audience and clients to check the OStar International Awards website for the latest updates.

Note: Entry fee is £100 for each category
10 - 15 Working days

Assessment Process

Transparent Awards

Transparency is the core elements to the credibility of any awards organizers. Here’s how we scrutinize in each steps to make a fair share of the Awards we give-away!

Minimum 3 to 5 judges for each category.
Every entry is scored on a scale of 10, below 5 being the least score and above the higher as per the selection criteria.
Live online judging and scores from the written entries decide who is the winner on the day of the Awards Ceremony.
Each entry is analyzed thoroughly by an independent judges.

What’s in it for you?

  • Listed out 25+ Categories as per your business niche! No matter the size of your companies, sector or scope of your organization stands now, we have a simplified category for you that suits you the best.

  • Experts Talks – Speakers will share their research and opinion on matters of importance relevant to businesses across the worldwide.

  • Known and Certified Judges.

  • In-built award software, awards managers. It allows and gives full auditability of a scoring, rating and feedback reports. Customer can access their own portal and account to review their entries and review it before the final submission.

  • A simplified entry form, covering questions related to business, team and professional categories

  • Virtual Meet-up Schedules.

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