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Award – Frequently Asked Questions

You have an award questions, here is the answers listed below!
We’ve answered the most common questions about the OSTAR Business Excellence Award here. If you think we missed out something, then get in touch with us NOW

Who can make a nomination?
The award are open to anyone who meets the criteria of the related category.

Is there any cost to enter?
Yes – there is 100 GBP to enter the OSTAR Business Excellence Award as registration fees.

Who are the sponsors?
The sponsors of OSTAR AWARD Organization, UK leading marketers and B2B publishers

How do I enter?
Just select the category, then complete the online application form. You’ll get a screen notification and email to confirm that we’ve received your entry.

Can I nominate myself or my own company?
We accept self-nominated and third-party entries for both organizations and individuals.

What format the attachments should be?
Please make sure any relevant supporting documents are provided in PDF or PowerPoint format only.

Is my submission confidential?
Yes – all awards submissions are treated as highly confidential. Only the OStar  Award team and judging panel will view them.

What happens after I submit my application?
OSTAR Award team will look into the following:

  • Review all submissions against the set criteria (if you’ve missed anything important, we will contact you to clarify)
  • Send all submissions to the judging panel for scoring
  • Finalize the scores
  • Let you know if you’ve been shortlisted
  • Announce the shortlists on the BCI website and social media channels
  • Announce the winners at the regional awards ceremonies

When was the OStar Award Founded?
Started its inception in the year 2015

What do honorees would receive?
All the applicants get an average score in the assessment phase. If all the criteria have been met then it will be categorized in the following, such as:

  • Gold Award Winners
  • Diamond Award Winners
  • Elite Award Winners
  • Super Award (Black Edition) Winners

Who can apply for the OSTAR Award?
The OSTAR Award is open for all irrespective of the company sizes, locations, or activities.

What’s the OSTAR Award Entry Submission Deadlines?
It can be summitted anytime and then after evaluation the team would ask for more document if required. You can check in your entry status anytime on the portal.

Will I receive feedback from a submission?
No, feedback is not given on submissions.

How are judges selected?
Judges are selected from a pool of experienced Business Excellence panel members. Each one is asked to declare any interests they have such as former colleagues or employers so that the judging process is carried out fairly.

If you want to get engaged in the selections committee of the OStar Award, then visit us on or
Participating here is just a click away!

When would be next award ceremony take place?
On March 15th in Edinburgh, United Kingdom.

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