Ostar Framework

Our continuous improvement framework and assessment criteria

OStar Award Approach

Overview of the OStar assessment process

This card takes you through the steps required to complete an answer set using the OStar assessment tool. There are more detailed cards that explain the processes of:

  • Registration and logging on to the tool
  • Creating an answer set and assigning roles
  • Completing the OStar Tool answer set
  • Reviewing the OStar Tool answer set
  • Benchmarking scores and reporting
  • Feedback report: current status, comparison sources results and ranking, proposed areas for improvement.

Stages in overview

The workflow consists of the following stages:

  • Undertaking the fact finding – the initial fact finding that supports the assessment of relevant business directives, goals and processes should be completed before filling out the answer set.
  • Creating an answer set and assigning roles – an answer set has to be filled out by a assessor and reviewed. The reviewer is preferably the engagement manager. Initially, the status of the answer set will be ‘Assessment in progress’.
  • Completing the answer set – the answer set should be completed using the OStar assessment tool. There is no facility to complete the answer set manually and forward for central submission, nor can a Word document be completed and e-mailed to the OStar assessment address info@ostaraward.com. Once the answer set is filled out by the respondent and forwarded for review, the status changes to ‘Review’.
  • Quality Assurance – each answer set nominates an engagement manager. This manager is responsible for the overall integrity of the answer set and the accuracy of the evaluations. Upon completion of the quality review process the reviewer submits the answer set using the submit button. Only reviewed files can be submitted to the database.
  • Approve the reviewed OStar assessment answer set – the answer set must be submitted to the central database. This step must be completed before a benchmark request is obtained. The status of the answer set in the tool will be changed to ‘Finalized’.
  • Request a benchmark – for output that involves a comparison between entities a benchmarking request must be completed. This is done using the Report tab in the OStar assessment Tool.
  • Reviewing the output – depending on the reporting request output will be immediately downloadable. It is important that the manager assesses the adequacy of the benchmark population before any conclusions are drawn.

OStar Framework summarized