About OStar


The OStar Business Excellence Award aims to recognize and rewards business leaders who have a holistic approach in delivering and innovating the excellence in business economy to level for the sustenance of the overall community.

Terms & Conditions

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Spread excellence culture throughout the world.


To recognize and support professionals, businesses and individual entrepreneurs + startups in their journey of excellence on setting up their footprint & excel in business world on the global platforms.


We are proud of our team for providing our clients with the finest prospect to share their experiences and positive outcomes. We emphasize on maintaining our credibility for implementing the unbiased decision-making process for choosing the winners of the awards.

The OStar Award takes into account two key factors in the assessment and selection of winners globally.

1. Meeting OStar Award assessment criteria

2. Leading position – achieve competitive results based on market research

Our Promise

We are here to help our clients with all the possible opportunities to improvise on their business strategy and assist them in accelerating towards success.

OStar Award Values:

  • Discipline
  • Professional
  • Team-work and
  • leadership
  • Fine practices
  • Trustworthiness

OStar Comparison Database

We aim to bring in the valuable OStar Award assessment outputs through comparison of the business results

OStar Research

  • Successful enterprises recognize the benefits of business excellence and use it to drive their stakeholders’ value. These enterprises also understand and manage organizational agility and associated risks (Internal & external), such as increasing regulatory compliance and critical dependence of many business processes in quality.
  • OStar guarantee market research through expert panel review using qualitative and quantitative measures following scientific research and processes.
  • Research methodology: It is designed to provide common output on a statistically comparable basis and designed to be rolled out year on year with minimal adjustment.
  • Business Excellence : It is the core responsibility of executives and the board of directors, and consists of the leadership, organizational structure and processes that ensure the enterprises business excellence sustains and extends the organizations strategies and objectives.

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